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Motor (Wattage) Battery Capacity Range on full charge Suspension Light APP Dimension (Folded) Dimension (unfolded) Speed unlocked Slope
48V 13Ah 45Km No Front n Rear Yes 108x25x37 Cm 108x47x

115 Cm

30Km/H 25 Degree
Front Tyre Rear Tyre Front Brakes Rear Brake LCD Display Weight of Scooter Weight of Rider Charge Time Speed locked
10” Pneumatic 10” Pneumatic V-Brake Disc Brake Yes 17.2Kg 120Kg 7 Hours 25 Km/H

3 reviews for Inokim Quick 3

  1. Sharon Watson

    Do you want to feel the freedom and the warm summer breeze though your hair as you scoot through beautiful parks and along breathtaking scenic lakeside walkways? Or would you like to feel you’re being environmentally friendly while also saving money from petrol. Is getting a parking spot in town a hassle or is getting a WOF, reg or even a license a pain right now? Would you like to have options, as far as transport goes. Is it time you woke up that child within you!!!
    These are all very valid questions…. and I have the answer for you…
    Put simply the answer is YES!!!
    I am the Very Proud owner of an amazing Inokim Quick3 scooter,(aka The Beast) which I’ve owned for just over a week. These scooters are NOT TOYS! They are seriously the coolest machines around that unleash that child within. I basically lived on a skateboard throughout my childhood years so when I first saw these scooters I was impressed with their wider almost skateboard base appearance. As I’m (a little, )older now the fact that it has (scooter)handles for extra balance is a plus. Honestly though they are so easy to balance on!!! Their design sparked my interest and the excellent quality topped it off.These scooters are so stylish!! They are truly the best ones out… also they are much faster than most other electric scooters around. They have nice fat tyres (10″) for good grip. The Inokim Quick3 fold down with ease and fit easily into your boot or even just behind your car seat. I have a wee 2 door Suzuki X90 & there’s plenty of room for it in the boot. They don’t take up much room. Charging is a breeze and they don’t really need a lot. I’ve only needed 2 charge mine once so far. Rayna is our local Invercargill distributor. She is a lovely lady and very obliging. Most importantly she really knows her stuff and her advice is so helpful. Rayna is honest and reliable and I have enjoyed dealing with her as she’s really in to it. If you’re thinking about purchasing an electric scooter I’d seriously consider contacting Rayna and securing your Inokim Quick3. You’ll Never Look Back! Trust me.
    Hint: When you’re scooting on your Inokim Quick3 try 2 smile with your mouth closed otherwise you’ll swallow too many bugs.
    Enjoy Your Ride
    From The Beast Owner
    Sharon (Shaz).

  2. Diane

    This is amazing…..💕

  3. Sharon

    Do you want to feel the freedom of being able to scoot through beautiful parks and along breathtaking lakeside scenic walkways, while at the same time feeling the breeze through your hair and experiencing the smooth sweet ride that the Inokim Quick3 will give you. Would you like hassle free commute with no worry of gas or parking, at the same time being environmentally friendly? Or is it time to awaken the child within?
    If you answered “Yes” then perhaps it’s time you gave the Inokim Quick3 scooters a closer look. With features such as 10″ tyres and great tread, wide board base(more like that of a skateboard rather than a scooter), front and back led lights for night riding, easy to fold, travels at speeds of around 25kmph with front V brake and back disc brakes and all wrapped up in a rugged, durable tough design that is both stylish and well thought out, then this is the machine for you!
    I took possession of my Inokim Quik3 (The Beast)on the 28th November 2018. So at the time of this review I will have owned this for almost 2 weeks. I have used this to commute to work (on nice days) and I have also used it on other occasions. It takes me approx 10 mins to make the journey to work (the same trip by car takes me around 8 minutes) and in that time I absolutely love it! I also took it to Te Anau the weekend after getting it. I can’t put into words how awesome it felt, riding along the walkway beside the lake into town. It was simply sensational!! For me personally I feel it’s been money well spent. It’s terrific if you’ve had a bit of a rough day, to just hop on and go on a wee trip(blows the cobwebs out type thing). They are relatively easy to use. A lot of people say “I’d fall off”…Trust me you won’t! As mentioned before they are wider, so actually they are very well balanced.
    These are a LOT of Fun, but trust me these are NOT TOYS!! You must always remember that these machines go fast, so keeping that in mind you must very aware of your surroundings as far as traffic goes.
    In Invercargill we are lucky enough to have the support and back up of our local distributer, Rayna Neilson. She is an amazing woman that really knows her stuff. Rayna is honest and very up front. She always has the best interests of customers at heart and puts us first. Rayna also services these which is comforting knowing that, that isn’t a problem. She is confident in what she does and what she sells as she knows this product will not let people down. I have no hesitation in recommending this scooter and the distributer to people that are interested.
    I feel so pleased to have come across Inokim Scooters. They truly are the best. Thank you Rayna.
    Sharon Watson (owner of The Beast)

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